Sheet Lead Flashing Supplies

We have been supplying the Lead Flashing and Lead Roofing needs of individuals and companies alike throughout the UK for over 40 years. Our aim is to supply our customers with the highest quality bespoke Sheet Lead Flashing Products  and any advice that may be needed to achieve the satisfaction of a good finished job.

All of Just Lead’s roofing materials are made from the highest quality Sheet Lead BS EN 12588 and our weathering kits come in many sizes and angles to fit roofs of all pitches. If we don’t have your exact dimensions in stock let us know and we can quickly make you a bespoke version of the item you require in no time at all. Click Here to contact us about your specific requirements and we will get back to you with a fast solution.

Sheet lead pipe and chimney flashings

For Chimney Flashing, one of the best materials that can be used is sheet lead. You will need to get it in whatever various width and thickness that you require for your chimney. Chimney Flashing and roof weathering’s made of sheet lead have good malleability, and longevity, and this is very important, due to the fact that they will be fitted on the roof in a place that is hard to get to.

Take a look at our Chimney Flashing Kits. How to Install Chimney Flashing Kits

We make and supply sheet lead flashing kits to suit any chimney and orientation. Made from code 4 sheet lead BS EN 12588. Making these items on site can be expensive. Not only in labor costs but also in material wastage. Our chimney flashing sets are made to fit both chimney and roof pitch. Best of all they arrive ready and easy to fit and we are only a phone call away should you have any questions.

Fitting Dormer Corners

Fitting Dormer Corners and soakers to a dormer and abutment.

Fitting a Lead Front Apron

Video demonstrating the fitting lead front apron to a brick chimney.

Fitting Chimney Tray DPC

Demonstration of the positioning and fitting of chimney tray – DPC