Sam’s Story

During the longevity of Just Lead the training of young people in the lead work trade has been ongoing providing knowledge and practical experience to carry out the skill to a high standard. This journey can be deemed as dedicated when compared with the low wage when embarking on such a learning curve. As a provider of opportunity we at Just Lead win the ultimate reward when following the career of young people who engaged with the trade. An example being Sam a guy that spent 7years training with Just Lead, learning and practicing the art of lead work. Sam decided to broaden his horizons and moved to Australia. With the skills that can never be stolen, he excelled in the lead work opportunities found in Sydney Australia. Working on many contracts that were responsible for the refurbished of old colonial buildings throughout Australia. Requiring him to fly to work on a Monday morning and back to Sydney on a Friday. And needless to say earning a good wage and lifestyle. Although Sam was self driven and succeeded in applying his skills and continues to, we at Just Lead our so proud of Sam for taking it to another level The image above give an example of the work he takes responsibility for and carries out. This is just one of many wonderful building requiring Sam’s skills and determination.

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