CCTV Camera Housing


CCTV Camera Housing developed by Just Lead is on sale now.

Providing a new product for the tool box of CCTV specifiers, plagued with the task of finding “The Look” both functional and aesthetically pleasing.



CCTV Camera Housing

Sheet Lead Camera housings are used to providing a practical aesthetic method of installing CCTV cameras without the need to compromise the look of a building.

Just Lead’s CCTV camera housing product provides a security and management method that is of a covert nature and in a roof position that deters uninvited access.

Once fitted to a pitched or mansard roof, the CCTV camera is installed via the roof space, making installation and planned maintenance an easy all weather task.

Green Benefits:-

100% Recyclable,  Sustainability, Maintenance Free, Self Cleansing

BRE. Green Guide Rated A or A plus

Being fitted to listed and heritage buildings is not uncommon.  Conservation officers seem to prefer sheet lead over the use of plastic varieties.  Sheet Lead being an acceptable metal for roof flashing applications for centuries.  The installation of Just Lead CCTV camera housings are sympathetic, when trying to maintain the esthetic of traditional building during refurbishment and re-roofing.

This unique CCTV camera housing made from sheet lead, a traditional roofing material allows a choice when considering what visual effect camera housings will have when fitted to buildings.

 CCTV Cameras

When fitting cctv cameras to domestic buildings opinions vary.  Some like to think that the sight of a camera housing bolted to the side of the house deters intruders.  Others think the cctv camera housing spoils the balance of the architecture.  Our view being a camera housing with the weathering qualities sheet lead flashing provides, positioned on the roof, is not associated to surveillance.  But captures images in a covert way, from a position that is very difficult to access.