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Established in 1979, Just Lead was the first ever prefabricated lead roofing cpmpany. The original owner of the company Peter Scholey had a passion for plumbing and Leadwork from the age of just 15. Peter developed his trade at Southend college in 1962 and then went on to be the founder of Just lead. Over the past 10 years we have worked closely with Peter learning many of his trade secrets and taking on some of the workload. Until finally in 2018 we eventually fully took over and bought the company when Peter decided it was time to retire and enjoy his life.

Over the years we have developed and manufactured many products ranging from Mechanical and Conventional ventilators, to the more simplistic chimney flashings, Pipe weatherings and Bat access units.

We have been working closely alongside The Bat Conservation Trust and The Roost Partnership team to develop a Bat access tile/slate which meets all of the rules and regulation requirements to ensure that the Bats are safe and unharmed or disturbed.

All of our products can be purchased online which cuts out the costly site visits and you can quickly and easily fit our products yourself if you wish to do so. We dispatch to anywhere in the world no place is too far or remote. We pride ourselves as being as eco friendly as possible by using lots of recycled packaging to package our own goods in.

All of our colleagues and team at Just Lead are qualified and have the greatest knowledge in all of our products, and all aspects of roofing and Leadwork. This enables us to liaise with a wide range of people from Architects & Engineers or even just Joe Bloggs doing his own DIY job.

We are always on the end of a phone or email waiting to help.

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