Bat Access


Bat access for slated & tiled pitched roofs

Bat Access allows bats a pathway for roosting in roof spaces / lofts / attics.  Made from sheet lead flashing to- BS EN 12588.

Just lead and the Bat Conservation Trust (BCT) and Just Lead agree to work together within the Roost Partnership Scheme.

Legal requirement to protect bats, during building maintenance and construction.


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Bat Roof Access for Buildings

History. Bat Roof Access for Buildings has been on the decline over the last 100 years. Buildings have been a roosting place for a few species of bat. However the building design and construction over the last century has changed, bat access has reduced. Precision made materials for building. Do not support the opportunist bat, when requiring accommodation.  The nooks and crannies of old construction were their hotels, maternity home, and social club.  The joy to watch flying bats at work. Dining on flies and mosquito is a sight to behold.  But not without cost.  The cost could be never to be seen again. Help to reverse the decline by providing roofing facility.  I believe our Bat Access Weathering provide a situation with potential.

When fitted to allow bats in the loft, shows support for the Bat Conservation Program.  Providing managed protection for many British bat species and Building Regulations compliance.

Just Lead’s product development provides weathered bat access for use with both slates and tiles.  When using or carrying out a bat access installation on peg tiles. The tile version will fit without the need to cut tiles.  Providing easy installation, without disturbing existing tiled roof and the classic tiled roof looks.

Driving conservation, headed by The Bat Conservation Trust.

Collecting and reviewing data maintains a finger on the pulse. Provide surveyors and the public with the latest trends.


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