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Bat Access

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Bat access for slated & tiled pitched roofs

Bat Access allows bats a pathway for roosting in roof spaces / lofts / attics.  Made from sheet lead flashing to- BS EN 12588.

Just lead and the Bat Conservation Trust (BCT) and Just Lead agree to work together within the Roost Partnership Scheme.

Legal requirement to protect bats, during building maintenance and construction.

CCTV Camera Housing


CCTV Camera Housing developed by Just Lead is on sale now.

Providing a new product for the tool box of CCTV specifiers, plagued with the task of finding “The Look” both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Chimney Front Aprons


We make and supply Lead Chimney Front Aprons to suit any Chimney and orientation. All are made from code 4 sheet lead.

Lead Back Gutter


We supply Lead Back Gutters to suit any Chimney Flashing and orientation. All these items are made from code 4 sheet lead to BS EN 12588.

Lead DPC Chimney Trays


DPC Chimney Trays made from sheet lead are designed to prevent water penetration into the building through the chimney stack.

Lead Ridge Slates


Our Lead Ridge Slates are supplied from stock in 5 degree increments and are easy to fit by a DIY, self build enthusiast or by trades persons.

Lead Roof Outlets


Measurements of our Lead Roof Outlets are external spigot size. Spigot length on these products is 200mm to allow for on site trimming.

Lead Sheet Dormer Corners


All of our Lead Dormer Corners are made from high quality code 4 sheet lead and are built to last. The Dormer Corners are supplied in such a way that you can easily fit them yourself.

If you can’t see the size of the Lead Dormer Corner you require please click here to contact us with your requirements and we will quickly get back to you with a bespoke solution to your needs.

Lead vents for slated & tiled pitched roofs


Our Lead Roof Vents are made from 100%  sheet lead, providing a practical and aesthetic method of terminating air flow. New buildings, reroofing and Graded 1. 11. Listed Buildings, along with Heritage work are among our clients.

Pitched Lead Slates


The diameter of the Pitched Lead Slates shown are the internal size of the pipe flashing, your pipe can be up to 30 mm smaller than diameter shown.