We provide Lead Chimney Flashing supplies made from code 4 sheet lead to suit any chimney. Chimney Flashing and Leadwork items can be ordered according to the you requirements, these include Chimney Trays, DPC Chimney Trays, Lead Front Aprons, Lead Back Gutters and Ridge Abutment Flashing.

As the sizes of chimneys and roof pitch vary these items are made to order, if you cannot see the size you require or the chimney flashing items you need please click here to contact us with your requirements and we will quickly get back to you with a bespoke solution to your needs.

Lead Back Gutter


We supply Lead Back Gutters to suit any Chimney Flashing and orientation. All these items are made from code 4 sheet lead to BS EN 12588.

Lead Chimney DPC Trays

Chimney  DPC Trays  made from sheet lead are designed to prevent water penetration into the building through the chimney stack.


For an estimate  please email  info@justlead.co.uk  with dimensions as stated on Chimney DPC Tray Detailing Sheet

Outside Brickwork Sizes

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Flue Location



Additional Flue Information